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Alfasoft Company was created in 1995

The core business of our company is the development of scalable distributed information systems for business process support including heterogeneous systems (with connected Android/iOS applications, self-service terminals, etc.) adapted to online and offline operation. The company has succeeded in a number of large software projects in Belarus, Russia, USA, France and Cyprus. In addition we've developed and maintain a number of websites, including sites which interact with automated tracking and corporation management systems.


  • Applications for Windows .NET C#
  • Android corporate applications
  • Android 3D applications
  • Corporate web-applications with Java Spring
  • Corporate web-applications with ASP .NET MVC
  • Websites Web 2.0 (jQuery, DoJo), PHP sites

Database Technologies:

  • MS SQL 2000-2012, T-SQL
  • Oracle 9-11, PL SQL
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Entity Framework
  • Hibernate, JPA