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Languages and Technologies

  • .Net, С#

    Request processing and route scheduling system, server parts of RTL-MT, RTL-Mobile

    • ASP.NET, MVC

      RTL-Budgeting, RTL-Agent

    • WPF, MVVM

      Punta SCM

    • Web-service

      RTL-Budgeting components, Punta SCM synchronization service.

    • Windows-service

      A component of Request processing and route scheduling systemиRTL-Budgeting component

  • DHTML 5

    • DHTML 5 Offline

      RTL-Agent subsystem

  • AJAX

    RTL-Budgeting, OfflineRTL-Agent subsystem, some sites

  • Java


  • Android Java

    RTL-MT, RTL-Mobile

  • iOS Objective C

    Mobile money

  • Databases

    • MS SQL Server

      The majority of projects

    • Oracle

      Projects for SSF of Belarus

    • MySQL

      Some sites

Technologies of Developed Projects


Extrapolation system, BI-data and financial forecasting analysis, 2012 – 2013 (IIS/MS SQL; .Net; DHTML/AJAX/JavaScript)

Request Processing and Route Scheduling System

Genetic algorithm, request processing and route scheduling system. The system considers car availability, additional loading at a number of storehouses, unfulfilled requests, cross docking and other factors. (MS SQL; .Net)


RTL-Agent (including Mobile Client): order tracking and formalization system 2011– 2012, 2013 (IIS/MS SQL; DHTML5 offline), RTL-Agent 2.0, 2013 – to the present day


Android application for order delivery tracking system, 2012, 2013 (IIS/MS SQL; Android java); server and user (browser) software for current delivery status display, 2013 (IIS/MS SQL; .Net; DHTML; MSExcel)


Android application for commercial representatives. 2012-2013 (IIS/MS SQL; Android java)

Punta SCM

Footwear Supply Chain Management system for Tuvia LLC. The application allows users to work both online and offline with synchronization taking into account strict requirements for unstable Internet connection (China). (MS SQL; WPF/.Net; DevExpress)

Mobile money

BAL 2.0 – remote operation management system, Russia, 2013 – to the present day (Apache/MySQL; JavaSpring; Hibernate, JPA), including iOS app Mobile money, 2013 (ObjectiveC)


Technologies used forsite implementation and especially modernization vary as the choice depends not only on development efficiency, but also on traditional software environment: DHTML, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JSP. The same applies to DBMS: MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL and even Oracle.

As for CMS available on the market, our company prefers Joomla. Our choice is based primarily on the low cost of Joomla systems for the end customer, which makes this CMS popular, a large number of available modules, a lot of documentation and programmers familiar with this CMS.

Nevertheless, any CMS has its disadvantages, which can be discussed with the customer before making a final decision on the functional content of a site.