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Opportunity for those

who offer new to the clients!


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Join J-Dir and stay always connected to your clients:

  • Get Android and iOS mobile app about your company

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• Possibility to update all the information in the app during the year (with further extension option)
• Analytics for Android and iOSdetailed stats about your clients’ interests
• All content is in your hands! Your employees can do all necessary app design and updates or you can place an order and our designers will do all the work

 Everything is in one program:

  • Your company’s name and app icon
  • Your company info, logo, contact details, phone numbers (click to call), links to the website etc.
  • Your offices, shops locations right on the map
  •  All necessary sections and subsections of your services list and/or goods
  •  Info about sales, special offers, news and other important details for your clients





• Loyalty cards and client programs support – additional sections displayed when special token or certificate number entered


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  • Personal notifications for clients – user account displayed when special token entered. Remind your clients about the next appointment, let them see exclusive offers, or add any other open information .


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 • Possibility to add catalog sections to Favorites  
 • Share button: your clients can share catalog sections with their relatives, friends and colleagues. Let everybody learn about your company!
 • Search function: easy and handy search for necessary sections, goods or services
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  • Active advertising: after your client launched the app your ad pops up in the system message field. Your clients will be the first to know about new offers and sales!
  • Scheduled news: ads can be arranged and planned ahead with conditions for the ad to appear in the app
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Fashion goods (clothesshoesaccessories)
Construction materialshousehold goods and garden tools pp

Your clients will be always aware of the latest fashion trends, new arrivals, sales and promotional events in your company!


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Child care centershobby groups for kids

If you regularly host different events – theme parties, entertainments for kids, live sound, sport events live coverage then your clients should know about that!



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Travel agencies
Business courses, workshops, trainings

Do you regularly make new offers to the clients? The mobile app is what brings clients to you again and again… 


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Medical Centers and Clinics
Dental Offices
Private Practices

Remind your clients about their appointments, offer preventive examinations or give them personal health recommendations!



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Beauty Salons
Spa Resorts

Health Clubs, Fitness Clubs



 You clients will be the first to know about new promotional events, special offers and new services in you center!




Install mobile app "J-Dir Your Business Directory" and estimate all its benefits!



  •  Get detailed info about all advantages of J-Dir
  •  Acquaint yourself with examples of already published catalogues
  •  Get test access to administration server for catalog content management
  •  Get possibility to try out functionality of J-Dir on your own

J-Dir Your Business Directory is available on Google Play

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