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URLScan (Android-application available for download from GooglePlay)

Easy and fast QR code scanner with web address recognition. Links are opened automatically in a device’s browser.

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A Game Series under the Smart Kids trademark

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My First Puzzles

This tactile game appeals to 2+ kids. It helps kids develop spatial recognition, matching, tactile, and fine-motor skills.

At first, a complete puzzle is shown. Then, puzzle pieces are scattered and the game starts. To put pieces to desirable place kids can drag pieces, or hit the piece and then hit the place where to put it. You can also choose a light mode when a kid can restore a puzzle picture dragging pieces randomly because they stick to the right place if dragged there. The puzzles are grouped on the basis of reference to certain object categories (planes, cars, food, etc.) which helps kids distinguish different groups of objects.

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Car Racing Story

What kids don’t like car race games?

Your kid can be the first at the finish line even without doing anything, but the chances substantially increase if you take steps to overcome the difficulties! Ideal game for young children to play and learn to be attentive on roads as well as develop leadership qualities. Here we’ve reached a gradual transition from watching a cartoon about racing into a car race game. If you just watch the cartoon the odds are 50-50 to win. If you hit the obstacles and hit correctly, then the chances increase up to 100% while if you hit incorrectly you might win but with low probability.

The gameplay is specially shaped for 2+ year old kids where kids don’t have to decide on how to overcome the obstacles. Instead, they should pay attention to difficulties that appear on the way and hit those difficulties while the car itself chooses the way to come through the difficulties successfully which makes the game easy enough to play for early preschoolers.

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Little Yum-Yum

If you want to teach your kid what’s worth and not worth eating and at the same time have much fun, you really need to try out this game. Also it helps to train child's logical thinking. The goal is to find eatable things and to feed a gluttonous character. There is also a difference among eatable products. Your kid is challenged to find the yummiest products. This fun game has an easy interface which makes it possible for twos and threes to play.

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Learn Numbers with Cars

Smart counting for young learners!

Your smart young learner learns to recognize numbers in a funny way playing this game. An amount of cars appear on the display and a child counts them and then choose the right number. The number of mistakes a child can do is customizable. In case a child successfully picks out numbers and doesn’t exceed the limit of mistakes he or she is granted a prize.

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