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Logistics and Distribution

Alfasoft Company has a solid experience in development and implementation of software systems and components as well as mobile applications for automatic control systems used for automation of logistics and distribution companies’ activities. The complex consists of the following modules:

  • Transport Management System
  • Request Processing System
  • Sales Volume Forecast
  • Supply Chain Management System

A-TMS (Transport Management System)

TMS (Transport Management System)

We present Transport Management and Planning System designed for planning, routing and fulfillment of delivery requests within minimum time, as well as cross-docking to local warehouses and transferring goods between warehouses.

The system provides a possibility to specify a number of constraints for own transport as well as for hired transport. The result is the optimal route plan based on the profitability of all routes.

The system consists of:

  • Automatic route planning module
  • Transport monitoring module
  • Delivery request fulfillment traceability module

Automatic route planning module takes into account:

  • Different delivery schemes, cross-docking, goods transfer from  one warehouse to other warehouses
  • Compatibility of goods for delivery as well as compatibility of a vehicle with goods for delivery
  • Weight, volume of goods is taken into consideration, as well as the number of pallet positions
  • Time, mileage, capacity of a vehicle can be customized
  • Consideration of different parking places
  • Additional loading at several warehouses, “loading waves” formation
  • Distribution of undelivered goods to warehouses or leaving goods in a vehicle for next day delivery
  • Planning efficiency reports: automatic plan with or without manual adjustment, actual trips (based on Transport Monitoring System "MT", see below)
  • Integration with Transport Monitoring System allows time statistics at delivery points to be accessed and used
  • Status of way-bills, including discrepancy reports
  • GPS coordinates, mileage, actual route time
  • Delivery statistics on all trips for a day

Transport Monitoring and Dispatching System (MT) runs on drivers’ smartphones and allows the following information to be tracked:

  • Status of way-bills, (approved, approved with divergence report, declined)
  • GPS coordinates , mileage , actual route time
  • Delivery statistics, including statistics on all trips for a day.

Delivery request fulfillment traceability module provides a possibility for logistics experts to track the degree of delivery request fulfillment via Internet.

The degree of access to information about delivery request fulfillment may range from standard access to highly specified access. Standard access gives general information about current state of service whereas highly specified access allows users to track current status of every delivery request and way-bill.

The system has been successfully used by a major logistics company in Belarus TUT i TAM Logistics (T&T) (www.ttl.by).

If you do not have access to the application then REGISTER on our website, and you can use the system completely FREE.

Qs and As

Q: Is it possible to see the mileage and drivers’ working hours?

A: Yes, the system stores information about working hours and location of a driver using Android smartphone with Transport monitoring module installed.

Q: Does the system take into account truck restricted roads?

A: The system uses cartographical solutions (e.g. www.openstreetmap.org, maps.yandex.ru, www.ingit.ru) which permit users to set driving directions, capacity restrictions, left-, right- and U-turn restrictions, average speed and other details for every street and road. If OpenStreetMap or Yandex Maps are used, the majority of parameters are already specified, but there is always a possibility to make adjustments due to current situation (weather conditions, roads under repair, etc.). In addition, it’s possible to install OpenStreetMap server in the company, so that updates will be under control of company’s administrators.

Q: Are there any advantages for a small truck fleet?

A: Sure, it’s possible to plan the scheme, that will help you have a large truck fleet. J

Q: We are a small company, so we cannot provide all drivers with smartphones. Are there any other ways we can control shipments?

A: Yes, the system itself provides a possibility to plan shipments to delivery points. You should get calculated mileage in advance with an attached itinerary. This can serve as a means of shipment control.

Budgeting and Forecast

Sales Forecasting System, developed by Alfasoft Company, can perform data extrapolation of sales turnover and the number of deliveries for the next year on the base of actual data of previous years. It also includes division by months of the following year. Moreover, the system can perform forecast on the base of previous years even if there were years of crisis. In this case, data for these years is not taken into account.

The system performs detailed planning in view of product groups, sales channels and territories. Moreover, it determines sales seasonal timing within a product group, divide turnover growth in one outlet into parts, connected with quality growth, seasonal timing and structural changes in sales. All this provides a possibility to analyze the causes of growth/decrease in sales and act not by general tendency, but by reasonable decisions, when growth/decrease is in scope of trade team’s responsibility.

The system displays information in a convenient and manageable way. A user can manually adjust planned numbers in a consistent way over the whole data array, managing data both at low detailed level and at high general level (level of a product group, supplier, sales channel or even a portfolio). For instance, the number of outlets within a territory is connected with the number of outlets where specific product groups are delivered within this territory. The system enables users to manage planning the number of outlets, both form the perspective of the territory in general and from the perspective of a specific product group sale.

The system has been successfully used on the base of sales data in The Republic of Belarus taking into account 2009 and 2011 crisises.

This system can operate as a separate product or can be built into the organization’s portfolio budgeting distribution system, together with additional modules constituting logistics, finance and distribution data units.

Delivery Request Placement System

Delivery Request Processing System for Sales Representatives

The system is intended to automate work with delivery requests performed by sales representatives. It allows them to generate delivery request and monitor their status (or to review reasons for denial). The work is structured by contracts, product groups, etc.

The system also permits a sales representative to review assortment of goods that are available for a client not only among distributors having business with this client, but also among all distributors connected to the system.

A separate section of the system is devoted to a questionnaire about placement of product groups in the outlets, which sales representatives are responsible for.

The system is developed as an application for OS Android smartphones.

Delivery Request Processing System for Clients

The system is developed for OS Android tablet and useful for employees who deal with ordering consignments of goods at remote outlets. This system can operate both online and offline. In addition, online part of the system is developed as a web-application.

The system allows users to create requests and monitor their status, including reasons for denials.

Besides, there is a module for distribution coordinators, which allows users to monitor relevant statistics, manage sales promotions, organize motivating “games” among system’s clients, causing additional demand for goods on sale, etc.