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State Organizations: Social Benefits and Education

Social Security Fund (SSF) of Belarus

Systems created by our company have been used for decades automating activities of SSF supervisors. The systems developed for SSF are of state importance. They are distributed and scalable and now it’s evident that the principles of scalability and distribution have stood the test of time.


Day Books – internet application, which allows users to track students grades and always have access to them online. The system also gives teachers a possibility to make notes for parents. Similarly, parents can ask teachers questions. Different user roles (students, parents, officials) are supported by the system.

Internet Catalogues and Websites

Alfasoft company professionals have a wide experience in creating websites for various purposes of different difficulty levels.

The latest trend is responsive design that provides a good site appearance on various contemporary devices from smartphones (finger control, relatively small screen size) and tablets to laptops and desktops (including increasing requirements to screen dimension – Retina displays, etc.). That means there are no expenses on creation and support of separate site versions for different device categories. Sites www.vertragia.by (for Vertragia Company) and www.shortcircuitonline.com (for ShortCircuitOnline company) can serve as vivid examples.