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Complex Development and Implementation of Business Applications

About half of company's projects require an integrated approach to analysis of current situation in the business process of a targeted company; it’s necessary to determine priorities and the correct sequence of automation steps in order to maximize economic outcomes. The aim of such projects is not just developing software components that solve a defined problem, but the joint identification of bottlenecks in existing business processes, their change, if necessary, and only then their automation.

Such projects can’t be a success without close cooperation with a customer at all levels. This approach also provides customers the opportunity get from IT professionals an unbiased of quality consistency and completeness of current business processes,so that the client can invest reasonably in information technology and be safe from “chaos automation”.

Custom Software Development

The company has a rich experience in developing custom software of different difficulty levels using a wide range of modern technologies.

We can provide integrated solutions, from analysis of automation object, business processes, enterprise operating principles to implementation of a developed system, integrated with existing software-hardware complexes and tutorials together with manuals and video lessons.

When new software is developed our company consider previous development experience and, if possible, existing ready-made solutions, which can significantly reduce labor cost and development time.